10 Weirdest College Courses You Never Knew Existed (2023)

Choosing a specialization is an important decision that could affect your life for decades to come. In addition to affecting the careers you are best positioned for, your choice of specialization can affect earning potential and even where you live in the country. While you're probably familiar with many of the top popular optionslike english, biology and historyYou may not be aware that some schools also offer less common specializations. Read on to learn about the weirdest college courses to pursue.

10 Weirdest College Courses You Never Knew Existed

For those who prefer to take the path less travelled, traditional college degrees may not be as appealing. Here are some of the weirdest college courses for students to consider:

1.lawn science


If you're happiest on the golf course, consider a degree in Turf Science. This concentration is available through Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences and focuses on basic and applied science and business management related to grass production and maintenance. As an added benefit, students have the opportunity to intern at local companies during their university career. With this degree you can work in golf course maintenance, turf production or research, among other things.

2.comic art

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

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Spend your days turning the pages of comic books likeguardianYlock and key? If you prefer picture books and have a talent for design, consider studying comic book art. In addition to teaching students the history and publishing of comic book art, the program offers classes in character development, storyboarding, color and composition. Consider this course if you have a passion for being a comic book writer or illustrator.

3. Adventure Pedagogy

Plymouth State University

Who says you have to learn everything in the classroom? This New Hampshire major provides students with an outdoor education. Examples of courses include basic rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. After graduation, you can expect to find a job at a state or national park or facility that offers outdoor adventure programs for children and adults.

4.doll art

University of Connecticut

One of the strangest colleges out there, Puppet Arts involves the study and production of puppets. This program, offered by the UConn School of Fine Arts, offers students courses such as Scene Design, Puppetry, and Trends in Contemporary American Puppetry. Want to know what to do with a degree in this field? The Puppetry Arts major prepares you to work in a school, museum, theater or television show.

5. Amusement park technology

california state university

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Some people are happiest sitting on a roller coaster 400 feet seconds before it hits the ground. If you dream of designing amusement parks for people all over the world to enjoy, you can apply to Cal State's theme park engineering specialization. In addition to electrical and civil engineering, the program includes courses related to mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic control and structural design. With a degree in this field, you are well on your way to a career as an amusement park engineer.

6. Viticulture and oenology

Cornell University

High school students are unlikely to be wine experts.And for good reason! However, if you are fascinated by pinot noirs and proseccos, this New York-based winemaking program is a logical choice. In addition to teaching the science behind soil, grapes and winemaking, the course focuses on the specific challenges of growing grapes in the Northeast. As a bonus, students have the opportunity to intern at one of New York's 1,400 vineyards and wineries during their studies. This specialization is best suited for working in winemaking, vineyard management or the wine business.

7. Packing science

Michigan State University

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While it may sound simple enough, packaging is a science with many behind-the-scenes considerations such as materials, design, and environmental impact. At Michigan State University, you can earn a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in packaging science. Before you scoff at that unusual title, know that graduates have an average starting salary of $63,237 and a job placement rate of 97%. Graduates of the School of Packaging become packaging engineers/designers, consumer behavior analysts, packaging operators and food scientists.

8. Costume technique

paula university

Do you love going to the cinema to admire the incredible costumes? If you like fashion, consider studying costume engineering. As part of the DePaul Theater School, this concentration immerses students in the art and architecture of costume design, while providing valuable insight into running a fashion business. Graduates work on costumes for television, commercials and films. They are also interested in fashion design, accessories management and even advertising.

9.racing industry

university of arizona

Among the strangest college courses on the list, a racetrack industry studies degree prepares students for job training and racehorse management. An intriguing option for current and aspiring jockeys alike, the program includes courses such as track marketing and media relations and equestrian roles. Depending on your specific career goals, you may choose to focus on business or horse management. Two Kentucky Derby winners completed the program.

10. Toy Design

Otis College of Art and Design

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Creative students and those who have always felt young may be interested in the Otis Toy Design Specialization. In addition to courses in game theory, child psychology, and game design, the program offers classes in conceptual design, sculpting, and prototyping. Upon graduating, you'll be ready to design the next great stuffed toy, action figure, or even video game. Also, students leave school with a portfolio showing their talents in different toy groups.

How to decide on a university course

Although many students enter college undecided, it helps to have an idea of ​​what subjects you want to study. Finally, not all colleges offer the same major programs, and which major you choose can affect your choice of college. Here are some tips for choosing a college while you're still in high school.

1. Make a list of your favorite school subjects and hobbies

If you're having trouble finding a major, start by making a list of your most important activities both in and out of the classroom. For example, if you enjoy English classes and like to keep up to date, a career in journalism or online media might be the way to go. On the other hand, students who prefer their math classes and play Minecraft for hours may be destined for a future in computer science or game design.

2. Consider your strengths and weaknesses

The sad truth is that we are not always good at the things we would like to be. While the idea of ​​an acting career might intrigue you, fear of public appearances might keep you from succeeding in that field. For best results, choose a specialization that matches your strengths and natural talent.

3. Talk to professionals

Just because a degree or career sounds interesting in theory doesn't mean you have a good idea of ​​what employees in that field do on a day-to-day basis. One of the best ways to determine if a specialization is a good fit is to talk to professionals who are using their titles. Start talking to your parents, teacher, or school counselor to see if they know someone you can talk to. For best results, come to your phone or in-person interview with a list of questions to ask.

Choosing a course is only half the battle. If you're having trouble narrowing down your college list, count on CollegeVine to help you out. we created adata-driven game enginebased on actual results from students across the country. All you have to do isCreate your account here, and then you can use our free school list builder to find colleges based on your preferences and chances of acceptance. We look forward to helping you find the university of your dreams.

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