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Hello dear otakus and manga lovers, today we have a little different recommendations for you! Best manga where MC is cheated on by the girl he loves, or in short manga about cheating. This is a really cool manhwa genre to explore.

Some great manga where MC is betrayed and turned into Op will also be on the list today. We know that when reading manga, fans have different tastes for different genres. In this article we are going to cover some manga where MC is summoned to another world and betrayed, manga where MC is betrayed by the girl he loves, manga where MC is betrayed and becomes OP list. So let's start


Manga where Mc is betrayed and placed on the OP list

Betrayal Manhwa/Manga is a very famous Manhwa genre. Today we are going to see some excellent manga recommendations where Mc is betrayed.

1. The hero who seeks revenge will destroy with darkness.

Well, although the title seems a bit satirical, but don't get carried away, the story revolves around a protagonist who, when betrayed by the very people he gave his heart and courage to, loses all his humanity and virtue. at the.

The manhwa is beautifully presented through its artwork and is well worth recommending.

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2. Marriage of Revenge

The manhwa goes on to tell the story of a mermaid Meridian Sasha who is near perfect but also imaginary. Once, she suddenly wakes up in the middle of a vast ocean, disguised as an elegant maid of honor about to marry Demetrius Cyrus, the bloody war hero of the Empire! But Sasha is not so easily appeased, she takes it upon herself to exact revenge when she is brought here without her will and the madness continues.

The manhwa is about betrayal, drama and suspense. The art is perfectly up to date and matches the theme, you won't regret reading this and it's worth recommending!

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3. Serra

This is another beautifully narrated manga about Betrayal. Sierra is a young woman who has suffered a lot in love and has the deepest wounds. He couldn't save anything he loved. But time plays a game with her that returns her to the position of the past where she has to make some decisions. This time he has the chance to save a token of her love, will he succeed? He has been through so much scorn and pain that he wants to save him at all costs.

Manhwa engages the reader and has an emotional touch, the art is beautiful and reflects the author's words, read it! ..

4. Restart Queen

The manhwa revolves around a character named Caryenne Hare who gets into a romance and searches for true love. Now love comes like a hard pill to her, she meets death many times in the novel as she finds love, she either died burnt to ashes or was poisoned and even drowned once, but every time after her death is transported from back to Roman. and will be betrayed again.

For the first time, she now chose to be the huntress instead of being the hunted! It's getting tough and a story full of adventures awaits. This could be a manga where MC is betrayed and becomes OP. The artwork is fantastic and the color theme fits the story well. Check it out, it's worth reading!

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5. The Broken Covenant: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

The manhwa is about royalty, love and heartbreak. Young Inès is fascinated by an impressive lord and heir of House Escalanate, she decides to make him her fiance. And she knows that the noble men she has to choose from are all the same, so why not choose a handsome one? But there's a plot twist, and Lord Jail isn't quite ready to commit yet! He is trying to disrupt the marriage and avoid it at all costs and is trying to do this for the next 10 years! But Inês plays wisely and doesn't give a damn about what confuses the master and asks him questions.

To know more about this interesting story, read Manhwa for its beautiful art and creepy and cool way of telling the story.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (5)

6. The Revenge of a Wounded Saint

This is an interesting manhwa with a very different plot than the others. The central character, Lua, has incredible healing powers, but they come at a price. She can only heal someone by absorbing their wounds. Being blessed with special powers, she is also vulnerable and is protected by Arian, who was her best friend. Her life is turned upside down when the man she loved, Garrot, is close to death from his injuries, but is saved by Lua and knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds her whole world turned upside down. She watches as Arian takes full credit for saving Garrot and the two become engaged. This betrayal shakes her soul and she despairs when she meets a prince named Suwen. The two decide to face the couple in different ways as Lua discovers her other evil powers.

This is a manga where MC is betrayed and becomes OP. The artwork is perfectly rendered and sets the tone for the story and brings out the element of betrayal. It's a solid recommendation.

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7. Be yourself, even for a day

The manhwa is the story of a girl who wants to be loved by Psyche, the earl's daughter, whom she blames for taking everything from her. Psyche, who is popular and always assertive, is the envy of many and this manhwa tells one of those stories where a girl expresses her jealousy and is willing to give anything just to be Psyche.

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The manhwa tells the story through excellent artwork and is well worth a read.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (7)

8. He flew from hell like a crow

The manhwa deals with revenge and supernatural elements of health. The plot revolves around a guy who is also known as Raven, he has risen from the dead and is facing his assassins one by one, he has been planned to be murdered by the infamous Predator group he was training and has hired an assassin for the job. . But to everyone's shock, he doesn't die, instead gaining supernatural powers like super speed, strength and stamina like a real crow. Now the revenge story unfolds and it is quite immersive and exciting!

The manhwa has some great artwork that fits the plot perfectly and is well worth a read.

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9. So I, the saint, became the demon of vengeance

Here is another manga where Mc is betrayed. The manhwa recounts the brave group queuing up along with their leader, a saint who successfully eliminated the devil from the world, but instead of receiving credit for their good deeds, they are put on trial and later accused of treason and finally executed. . But this injustice will not last long, the saint is reborn in search of revenge for the betrayal she suffered and there is no way to stop her until each of them is rewarded.

The manhwa is beautifully rendered and the art is amazing, you've gotta love it. More importantly, the story is full of emotion and drama, making it an overall good recommendation.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (9)

10. Don't pick up the trash you threw

Here's another Betrayal Manhwa you've been looking for, which tells the story of a maiden named Leila who waited faithfully for her fiancé Kalian, but to her surprise he came back with a wife and a child and that too after 6 years! His irresponsibility towards his wife-to-be would have consequences, so to reassure her he agrees to leave her everything except risking her kingdom. Now the riddle for Leila, what can she do to get revenge, maybe sell the kingdom?

The manhwa has interesting illustrations and is full of drama and emotion. Look what Leila does to get back.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (10)

11. Don't trust heroin

The manhwa is also a reincarnation manhwa. The moment when the protagonist of a novel is reborn as a villain's sidekick and the heroine continues to have a hard time but meets a tragic end. She goes through all the levels just to escape death, but the heroine betrays her and promises her a happy ending. She taunts them by questioning their morality and whether they deserve a happy ending after committing some sins, but eventually she is reincarnated in the novel and the question is whether she will seek revenge.

The Manhwa is intense and really engaging, the art is very well done and overall well worth a read.

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12. Now that I'm back, I'm going to get revenge.

This is a classic manga where Mc is betrayed. The story revolves around a girl named Arnell Randfell who is disappointed and heartbroken to find out that she is going to be reincarnated and wants to kill her immediately because she can't take the torture and betrayal anymore. But she is convinced that a nobleman named Sir Herbert Schladin has put her past suffering behind. When she discovers Arnell's hidden power, she decides to help her exact revenge.

The Manhwa is interesting and engaging along with phenomenal artwork, check it out.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (12)

13. Revenge of the Twin Empress

This is a very different manhwa, well told and with twists. The plot is about two twin sisters Catherine and Lithia who have completely different personalities, while Catherine is the smart, open and bright girl who Lithia likes to keep to herself and is jealous of her sister as she becomes the first Prince Consort and will be the future. a queen, but the twist is that Catherine loves the second prince and as the two have so much fun together, Lithia sets Catherine on fire, which changes the dynamic of this sister duo, now Lithia has the upper hand, but will Catherine get her revenge? Find out by reading

Manhwa has great art and the story is a mix of dramatic and suspenseful elements. Worth recommending.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (13)

14. The Disaster Class Hero Returns

Well, this manhwa can also be classified as divine class manhwa or fantasy manhwa. The first-hand appeal of the story conveys the atmosphere of the classic manhwa of the throwback RPG, but as the story progresses, it becomes more interesting. Details in every aspect of the story are meticulously crafted, making for an amazing reading experience.
The immersive effort to present each character with a backstory is commendable.

The story takes place in a world where evil beings known as Cataclysms wreak havoc on this world and are eventually stopped by the 12 Saints chosen by the Zodiac Gods who invest superpowers in them. Among them was Geon Lee, the bravest but also the angriest who is betrayed by his allies and dies. But 20 years later, he's back and ready for revenge.

Now, when we talk about the artwork, it's just amazing. The tones and lines are perfectly executed. The overall finish looks shiny and beautiful. We highly recommend this manhwa.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (14)

15. From Gentleman to Lady

This manhwa is unique and has its own way of enchanting the reader. The elements of betrayal and pain are well integrated into the story and the protagonist is a female character who goes through a lot of character development.

The story takes place in the kingdom of Ersha, where a brave knight, Estelle, dies early when her faithful friend stabs her in battle. But he is reborn in the body of Lucifela Aydin, daughter of an earl, in the new realm of Jansgar and is shocked to learn that her realm has been distracted by the Jansgar Empire. And to complicate matters further, she was engaged to Zedkiah Heint, son of the duke. Now it's up to her to find her way and bring out the hidden truth.

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The artwork is decent enough, trying to bring out the raw emotions of the story through the rendering of different tones and delicate lines. Overall, it's a worthy recommendation.

12+ manga where MC is cheated by the girl he loves - Animeindie (15)


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