5 amazing ways to access infinite intelligence (2023)

If you could access infinite intelligence, you could get solutions to all your problems and get the ideas that make your dreams come true.5 amazing ways to access infinite intelligence (1)

Take a look at the lives of the most successful people and you'll find that a certain idea or inspiration changed the entire course of your journey.

Some people think these ideas are born within them, they don't see the greater purpose because of their self-centered orientation and therefore this doesn't happen often to them. While some know that there is a higher intelligence everywhere that rewards people with the information that can bring something to the world to make a difference, also ensuring their success in the process.

Creative people understand this well, many writers and artists have created their masterpieces from inspiration received in dreams, which is a common way to access higher intelligence.

What is Infinite Intelligence?

It wouldn't be wrong to call him God, but for the sake of explanation I prefer to avoid any labels associated with people's ancient beliefs.

Infinite Intelligence is a force that carries out the creative process in the universe and its sole purpose is "expansion". When I say creative process, I also mean the maintenance of all creation and the destruction of that which has served its purpose in the universe.

It can also be called the collective consciousness that we are all a part of, like the drops of water in the ocean. This is the source from which you will get the information to help you progress the way you want.

But to get the ideas from this unlimited source, you need to understand some things, because you cannot use this great creative power directly. To do this, you need to establish a good relationship with your subconscious. Let's see how.

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subconscious and superconscious

So far we've talked about this collective knowledge base, this limitless source of creativity, now let's see how the creative process works and what role we play in it.

The creative power is in all of us, but it is not part of our consciousness, our consciousness is part of that flow. That's why it is also called the superconscious.

Let me explain this with a simple example. Suppose you have a source computer (infinite power) with Internet connected to 10 computers (10 people) in your office via a LAN connection. Even if the Internet (access to creative power) is available to you on all computers, the Internet connection is not part of these 10 computers, these computers are part of the general network.

5 amazing ways to access infinite intelligence (2)

Another important thing to understand is that we cannot easily access this collective knowledge base because our consciousness is not directly connected to this force.

Our subconscious can download information from that source and then be able to bring it up to your conscious mind.

Here's how the creative process works: first you want something and with the right tools, you imprint that idea in your subconscious. Now your subconscious mind accesses the unlimited database of the universe and gets the necessary information. Once you have it in your subconscious, do you become aware of it as a sudden realization or do you have to consciously work to bring it into your awareness using certain techniques.

After that, if you trust the universe and act on this idea, you will be amazed at the results, but thousands of people fail this particular step, why? – Because they are afraid to do something.

See, we are all limited by our beliefs. So when we see things from our limited perspectives, what the collective consciousness claims is the blueprint for our success often seems meaningless.

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I want you to understand that using these techniques will give you ideas, and even if you're not sure at first, it's important to take action to see if it works or not. Gradually, you will become better at recognizing the voice of your inner guide.

In fact, we all always have full access to this collective consciousness and our subconscious always gets the solution to our problems. We must try to bring this information into our consciousness. The methods I'm going to share with you here now will help you with that.

Techniques for receiving messages from infinite intelligence

1 – Meditation5 amazing ways to access infinite intelligence (3)

The root cause of our inability to hear our inner guidance is due to the voices in our heads. The turmoil of the mind caused by unwanted thoughts blocks our intuition, and if we could somehow calm our thoughts, it would be easier for us to carry the message received from our subconscious to our conscious mind from the universal mind.

MeditationIt helps calm the mind and therefore slows down the pace of thoughts, which allows you to receive the inspirations.

The idea for this site that startedmy online business tripit only came to me during a special meditation session.

2 – mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness practices increase yourAwareness of the Present Momentand that means you can detach from your thoughts more often. As we've discussed, when you slow down the speed at which thoughts race through your head, you open yourself up to the ideas that lead to success.

3 - Visualization of the free flow

You may already be familiar with the above two methods, but here I would like to bring to light an amazing technique that will help you receive ideas from your superconscious mind and I call it Free Flow Visualization.

If you've studied personal development materials, you'll already know that the "creative visualization process" is a great tool for communicating your desires to the universe, but what most people don't know is that this technique can also be used. for two-way communication.

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Free Flow IndicatorThat's when you start to release your control and allow the imagination to gradually take its own form.

When you relinquish control of your imagined scenario, your subconscious begins to write the story, usually laying out the plan of action as you go.

4 – Interpretation of Dreams5 amazing ways to access infinite intelligence (4)

Dreams are created by our subconscious, so you can use them to hear the voice of your inner spirit. I'm not telling you to fret and worry about things, interpreting your dream as an indicator of future events like most people do, but I just want you to be more interested in your dream world. This caused me to have lucid dreams.

All you need to do is set the firm intention to find solutions to your problems before you go to sleep and record your dreams when you wake up. This allows you to understand whether the dream contained important messages.

I learned from this how to use my lucid dreaming skills to communicate with infinite intelligence.Andrew Holeceks Dream Sculpture ProgramIn it he teaches the methods of the Buddhist traditions and it is really a very powerful thing.

5 – Self-hypnosis

If you want to communicate something to your subconscious or bring something from your subconscious to your conscious mind, self-hypnosis is a great tool to do this.

Let me show you an easy way to do this:-

Relax your body and mind by taking a few deep, mindful breaths. (For this you can also useI'm iogue)

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Count backwards from 10 to 0, visualizing each number and going deeper and deeper into a trance.

Now, when you feel completely relaxed, imagine a building called "My Inner World" which is like a library that contains all your memories, and now find the room where the mail is delivered.

Go to this location and look for an envelope with the information you need.

When you find it, sit in a chair and read it, this could be your next step of action.

Exit the building and now slowly begin the countdown from 0 to 10 which will bring you back to full consciousness.

If you're new to things like meditation or self-hypnosis, I recommend trying Christie Marie Sheldon's Heart Center Meditation, available atThe free energy toolkitWhat it offers when someone first signs up is a great guided meditation that will fill you with positivity.

One of the main reasons why we don't get inspiration islimiting beliefspresent in our subconscious, you can also readmy post on removing limiting beliefs, so that you can manifest your desires with ease.

Hope you like this post. Have you ever used any method to get inspirations? What idea changed your life? I would like to hear your opinion on this.

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