9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (2023)

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (1)

For some people, infinite intelligence is energy. For others it is a superior being. Still, when you think about it, is it basically energy? If you look at ideas like the one ininfinite intelligenceIt requires an open mind to understand what the concept implies.

5 key components of emotional intelligence...

5 Key Components of Emotional Intelligence


What is Infinite Intelligence?

Infinite intelligence is all the energy that exists in the universe in a single entity that spreads out in many forms. This higher intelligence allows all things, living and non-living, to exist in a specific order over time.

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Although not scientifically proven, infinite intelligence exists. That is why we have an intuition that we cannot define as consciousness. If you're wondering what infinite intelligence is, keep reading to discover this mystery that scientists can't explain.

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Why not call God?

"I know infinite intelligence rules this world, it took infinite intelligence to organize it and you expect infinite intelligence to keep you on track... It's math for precision."Thomas Edison, inventor

Infinite intelligence is a single entity that exists in everything, including existence itself.The source of this energy remains a mystery, as even those who do not believe in the existence of a higher reality have no plausible explanation for the origin of life. It is important to understand that everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed; it just exists. The concepts are unimaginable because we never learn the true meaning of energy and what exists between the space around us.

So why not call God infinite intelligence?

The terminfinite intelligenceused as a general illustration of a higher knowledge, a being or a single source of energy. So either oneESof unoHeIt doesn't matter. The creation of a religion is the acceptance of a higher power and something that cannot be physically seen with our eyes. Regardless of your beliefs and what they call "infinite intelligence", it is a theory of something bigger than ourselves.

It is best to avoid the term God to avoid heated discussions based on individual religious beliefs.

Anyone who believes in infinite intelligence, which he calls by a specific name, can understand the concept. It's not about trying to change your mind. It is about understanding that there must be something beyond reality or luck that controls our universe.

think and get richNapoleon Hill's was the first of many famous writings that spoke of the concept of infinite intelligence. Hill refers to this higher intelligence as what creates and connects everything together.

How are you connected to infinite intelligence?

As already mentioned, we are projections of infinite intelligence. Because of this, we are all meant to serve a specific purpose in this universe, and we have a power rooted within us, even if we don't know it. The attitude, behavior, beliefs and thoughts you have control the energy you receive. When your energy is negative as a result of fear, anxiety, worry, and stress, you can only attract the same amount of energy. This is how the law of attraction works and you can find outthe step by step guideHbefore.

The way we connect to infinite intelligence can be broken down into a few different parts:

  1. Purpose
  2. willpower
  3. the subconscious

#1. Purpose

If there was no infinite intelligence involved in our existence, we could say that we were born to do what we want and create order or chaos in the world. Infinite intelligence connects us all with one"good design' In the back of my mind.We all experience the joys and difficulties of being human, and they all fit into our destiny.However, the best version of our life paths is to achieve what Infinite Intelligence wants from you.

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"The infinite intelligence of my subconscious reveals my true place in life"jose murphy

Although we often feel that seeking and fulfilling a purpose is impossible, a source energy projection has given us the strength to achieve it.The moment we accept being a part of Infinite Intelligence to fulfill our designated purpose, we will begin to find attuned opportunities to help us achieve our life desires.

You can think of it like this:We are all a primitive version of infinite intelligence. This higher existence is the hand and we are the fingers. To shape the universe to perfection, we can use the handhold to serve a specific purpose in our special corners of the world.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (3)

#two. willpower

While Infinite Intelligence intends for us to pursue a specific purpose consistent with the larger picture of the universes, we are equally free to express our will.So whatever we want, we can take any opportunity we want.But even though infinite intelligence is connected to us, sometimes we block the connection. It leads us down an unguided path that takes advantage of our inadequacy.finallyIntelligence.

Will is one ofsix higher institutionsOnly humans have and give us the ability to concentrate and focus on achieving our true desires. When you think about achieving your goals, it is willpower that gives you the power to make them come true.

Infinite intelligence is responsible for creating these opportunities, and your intuition picks it up.vibration frequency(the idea). The Universe demands that you carry out these ideas, plans and opportunities, or you will not fulfill your purpose.

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#3. the subconscious

the subconsciousyou can program your behavior in ways that consciousness cannot. You also canreschedulethis forManifestThings you really want. Furthermore, the subconscious is our connection to infinite intelligence. Think of your conscious mind as the gatekeeper and transmitter of your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind prints its desires in the subconscious. Your subconscious transmits your wish to Infinite Intelligence and then acts as a receiving center for all ideas, thoughts and concepts capable of fulfilling the wish.

The subconscious is the part of your mind that develops habits orparadigms. For example, when trying to eat healthy, you may feel uncomfortable at first because yourpast habitsthey are more dominant in your subconscious.

However, if you keep repeating what you want, it will change your inclination towards the new habit. Infinite intelligence absorbs the desires stored in your subconsciousmanifestedactually in the form of opportunities, like-minded people, circumstances and much more.

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However, if you neglect your subconscious by feeding it things you don't want, you will manifest those negative and disturbing things. What you put into your subconscious will shape your reality. There are common sayings that reflect this, such as "You are who you surround yourself with."

If you persistently express your desires clearly, what you want,infinite intelligence will send messagesthat you can recognize and respond to. Because your intentions are clear, you can move forward with them and slowly and gradually fulfill your purpose throughout your life.

Because we accept, believe in, and wish to stay in touch with infinite intelligence, we will always strive to feed the subconscious what is right for growth and prosperity. Successful people have strong ties to infinite intelligence, but perhaps not consciously.recognize the signs.

When someone really wants to achieve something and does everything possible to achieve it, their connection to the infinite is extraordinary.

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How to access infinite intelligence

Once you accept messages from Infinite Intelligence, your life will change. You become a better version of yourself every day and see steady progress in your life. This means that you will be more grateful and, consequently, happier. There are no limits to the things you can achieve in your life. The only limitations are those created in your mind by fear, worry, and doubt. Open your mind to tremendous power and acknowledge the universe so that it can lead you to success.

This is how you can communicate with infinite intelligence and manifest your desires into reality:

1. Practice gratitude

Gratitude opens the door to creativity. it is stimulatingpositive things in your life. The more you create, the more your ideas will flow. The only thing the most successful people have in common is gratitude. Being grateful is giving up the ego to accept the support offered by infinite intelligence. It means that you are ready to claim who you are. It implies that you are ready to recognize that there is a greater energy at work in your life.

"If the only prayer you said in your entire life was 'thank you,' that would be enough."Maestro Eckhart, theologian

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (7)

2. Practice meditation

You can only unite with infinite intelligence through your subconscious. However, if you want to clear the path and avoid obstacles, you must be silent in order to direct your thoughts. You must clear unnecessary clutter in your mind and accept these ideas for your desire to appear. The secret is meditation and it is a key element in manifesting your true purpose.

Meditation does not let ideas flow out of nowhere. It is a channel that you can use so that the messages of Infinite Intelligence reach you clearly and unaltered. The ability to control your thoughts and quiet your mind is a talent that must be learned.

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3. Spend time visualizing

displayIt's a great strategy to use by imagining what you want and thinking about it in more detail. Your subconscious does not have the ability to tell if something is fake or real.displaygives you the ability to trick your subconscious into thinking you already have what you want.

When this happens, your vibrational frequency increases to match your desire and thislaw of attractiondesign for you When you believe a vision will come true, there's no stopping infinite intelligence.

You print your ideas and desiressubconscious during this exercise. Then infinite intelligence can unravel your brightest ideas and expand them to greater heights. It's similar to creating the story before writing the book and all the chapters come together as you put your thoughts into action.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (9)

4. Increase autosuggestion

There is a big piece to the puzzle.autosuggestion.It is important that you only allow positive and helpful thoughts into your subconscious. If you deliberately neglect iteliminate negativityYour subconscious believes that this is your reality.

All suggestions, whether internal or external, have the potential to affect your subconscious and affect your results. Choose wisely what goes into your belief system, as this is how your reality can evolve.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (10)

5. Use strong affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can help reprogram your mind for success. Choose affirmations that resonate with you and be sure to say them out loud every day. Some examples of powerful affirmations are:

  • "I am worthy of love and abundance."
  • “I am a powerful creator.
  • "I am confident and I deserve success."
  • "I release all fears and doubts."
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By practicing positive affirmations, you will begin to believe in them on a deeper level and this can help you attract abundance into your life.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (11)

6. Listen to subliminal messages

subliminal messagesit is a form of communication designed to bypass the conscious mind and send messages directly to the subconscious. This can be an effective way to reprogram your mind for success and abundance.

The best time to use subliminals is when you are asleep because your subconscious connection to infinite intelligence is strongest. When you want to manifest something, you raise your vibrational energy while you sleep.

The more you listen to Subliminals, the more it will change the way you think and help you attract what you want into your life. I recommend using subliminals for at least 1 hour a day for best results.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (12)

7. Lucid dreaming

lucid dreamit is a state in which you are aware that you are dreaming and can control the dream. This is an effective way to raise your vibrational energy and connect with infinite intelligence.

To have a lucid dream, you must first fall asleep. Once you fall asleep, focus on being aware of your surroundings. Look for anything that seems out of place or strange. Once you realize that you are dreaming, you can begin to control the dream. In a lucid dream, you can do whatever you want.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool that can help you raise your vibrational energy and connect with infinite intelligence. It can also help you manifest your desires in your life.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (13)

8. Change your reality

Alter your reality by changing the way you think about things. If you want to manifest something, you have to believe that it is possible. The more you doubt, the less chance you have of getting what you want.

When in doubt, take a step back and look at the evidence. There is nothing you cannot achieve if you put your mind to it. The only thing stopping you is your own doubt.

My preferred exchange method isthe raven methodbecause it is so effective and easy to use even for beginners. Changing your current reality means using infinite intelligence to guide you towards what you really want. You can find more exchange methods in this article.

9 high-energy strategies to access infinite intelligence (14)

9. Connect with like-minded people

Connect with like-minded people who can help you on your journey. These people will understand what you are going through and will be able to advise and guide you.

You can connect with like-minded people online or in person. There are many groups and forums that you can join or you can start your own.

Networking with like-minded people will make you feel more supported and motivated to achieve your goals. This community helps keep you accountable and up-to-date.

final thoughts

Infinite intelligence is the secret of life.Success. Although many people do not understand or acknowledge that it exists. If you believe that your inspiration and desires come from this higher energy, this is a wonderful concept.

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Your subconscious, which we can fill with unnecessary thoughts, is the barrier to your greatness. Allowing yourself to lower that barrier invites infinite intelligence into your mind. Although it does not promise a smooth path, the connection with infinite intelligence is the source of all satisfaction.


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