HBO Max: TV shows and movies coming in January 2022 (2023)

HBO Max continues to expand its library, slowly but steadily bringing the Warner Bros. to the platform. Likewise, the power of the original MAX has also been transferred to the quality. Take it from the TV shows andFilmdirecting the January 2022 HBO Max, which will feature both nostalgia and original content. The list is long, but here we also highlight some of the TV shows, events and documentaries that deserve a special look.

To begin with, the month begins with a nostalgic mood. Something Hollywood has been making a lot of use of lately. HBO Max brings it to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter. In addition, the platform also honors football legend Diego Maradona with a show documenting the legend's final year. Also, let's not forget that Station Eleven is winding down as new shows like Search Party debut for the platform. First, to keep the same in mind, here's our list of our favorite TV shows, movies, and events coming to HBO Max in January 2022.

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January 1, 2022:20th Anniversary of Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts

Looks like kids from the 90s and 2000s are having a blast. In a spirit of nostalgia, the Harry Potter team celebrates magic on the anniversary of the first film. The reunion event sees some of the main cast members return to Hogwarts, including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts is streaming exclusively on HBO Max. The event brings together the three main actors and the entire supporting cast in some of the series' iconic locations. They talk about the vivid memories they've had with them after all these years since the journey began in the early 2000's.

January 7, 2022:Search season 5 premiere

Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers and Michael Showalter's satirical black comedy Search Party returns for its fifth season. Season five will wrap up the show once and for all. Official details and trailer mark Dory's return after a near-death experience. He also sees a new Dory that intrigues many. In the new season, he builds business relationships with tech billionaire Tunnel Quinn. Portia, Elliott and Drew join her on this new adventure.

January 13, 2022:Diego, the last goodbye

Max Diego's original documentary The Last Goodbye takes us back to the last year of Diego Maradona's life. Friends, family and colleagues of one of the greatest players in football history come together to tell the story of his profound humanity and career. The show will take a look at the Maradonian funeral organized during Covid times, when everyone said goodbye to the legendary player.

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My Mom, Your Dad, Max Original Staffel 1 Premiere

My Mom, Your Dad is a new reality show about a group of single parents who move in together. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, they don't know that their college-age kids will be pulling the strings. They will try to light a fire between them as they try to give them a second chance at love. Children will watch your every move through hidden cameras and manipulations.

Jennifer O'Connell, EVP, HBO's nonfiction live-action family, explains My Mom; Her Dad will be a hilarious and scary comedy. Haley Daniels and her father Greg Daniels created the show, which sees Emmy-nominated actress and comedian Yvonne Orji take the stage to host the new reality series Max Original.

Peacemaker, Max Season 1 Original Premiere

The first D.C. Extended Universe joins the mix on HBO Max. While Suicide Squad may have left HBO Max as a movie, this new spin-off hits the platform in January 2022. Peacemaker follows the main character, aka Christopher Smith, and tells the origin story of the character, who is a ruthless killer. who can work hard when it comes to bringing peace.

John Cena directs the role of the character with Steve Agee as John Economos, Danielle Brooks as Leota Adebayo, Robert Patrick as Auggie Smith, Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt, Freddie Stroma as Adrian Chase/Vigilante and Chukwudi Iwuji as Clemson Murn. James Gunn, who directed 2021's The Suicide Squad, also directed all eight episodes of Peacemaker. TrollhofEntertainmentand The Safran Company are producing the show with Warner Bros. Television.

Station Eleven Season Finale

Patrick Somerville is inspired by the novel of the same name to create Station Eleven, which will end his career. The show started in mid-December and released two episodes a week. Originally, Station Eleven followed a story set twenty years in the future, after a devastating flu began to destroy civilization.

A group of traveling artists who are among the survivors continue to build the community. They try to do this by keeping what they had alive. At the same time, they will face a violent cult led by a man who has ties to one of their own.

January 20, 2022: Astral Travel (aka Astral Day), Staffel 1

HBO Max's new original series, Astral Journey, investigates two celebrities who share the same zodiac sign. Each episode focuses on one of the 12 zodiac signs and shows celebrities on an astral journey into the past, present and future. They are led by Angélica and astrologers Paula Pires and Vítor diCastro.
Carol Albuquerque created the show, which can release all 12 episodes on the same day.

Cartoon Looney Tunes, debut of Staffel 4

The new adventures of Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Porky, Daffy Duck and friends continue with a new fourth season. The reboot reintroduced the show and characters to new, young audiences, while older audiences relived nostalgia and their days watching the original show.

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Those were some of the biggest shows and movies expected on HBO Max. However, the list does not end here. Here's the list of the rest of the acquired and original TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max in January 2022:

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Other TV Shows and Movies Coming to HBO Max in January 2022: January 1, 2022

2 a arma

2001: A Space Odyssey

again 17

300: Rise of a Kingdom



die cheerleader

Annabelle comes home

amityville 3-d

Amityville II: Possession


Barry Munday

batkid starts

Batman e Mr. Freeze: SubZero

batman e harley quinn

batman begins

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker


Batman Unlimited: instinto animal

Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs Mutanten

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Dracula

batman vs robin

Batman gets two faces

Batman: Assault on Arkham

Batman: mala sangre

Batman: Death in the Family

Batman: Gotham Gaslight City

Batman: Horseman of Gotham

batman: yet

Batman: Mask of Phantoms

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman: Return of the Capped Crusaders (Parte 1)

Batman: Soul of the Dragon

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Year One

Birds of Prey (and the Fantastic Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

brother nature

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

The bodyguard

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Caddyshack II





A Cinderella Story

The Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song

Citizen Kane

clockwork orange


Constantine: City of Demons

police land


crazy rich asians

the curse of la llorona

father's day camp

dad's nursery

the dark crystal

The Dark Knight

DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: Black Adam Returns

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis

superman death

Terminator: Knights and Dragons

the deceased

a teenager's diary

Dirty Harry

dog afternoon

Two dumber and dumber: when Harry met Lloyd

only one

Sun Empire

o executor


The Exorcist

Tammy Faye's eyes


Fast and furious 6

fateful attraction

ran away

four christmas

Freedom Fighter: The Lightning


The Friday after next

frozen river

the wanted

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

baby is gone

blown by the wind

good neighbors

Los Goonies

Andrew's Gospel


to green scooter

Green Lantern

Green Lantern: Emerald Knight

Green Lantern: First Flight

Gremlins 2: The New Stack

harlem nights

Harry Potter: Hogwarts House Tournament Season 1

here comes the devil

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

butt with a shotgun

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house party 2

house party 3

House Party 4: Until the last minute

House party: tonight is the night


it's chapter two

JLA Adventures: Stuck in Time

John dies at the end.


Justice League

dark justice league

Justice League Dark: Apokolips-Krieg

Justice League in Teen Titans

Justice League vs the Fatal Five

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League: Untergang

Justice League: The Flashpoint-Paradoxon

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: The New Frontier

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Justice League: Krieg

Justice Society: World War II

kill a gunslinger

Outside the center

my king

Kong: Calavera Island

terrible bosses

terrible bosses 2

iron woman

the last five years

Last night

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Is there any lego batman movie

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes United

LEGO DC Batman: Family Matters

Lego DC Comics Super-herói: Aquaman: Fury of Atlantis

Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League vs. bizarre league

Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League: Angriff der Legion of Doom!

Lego DC Comics superheroes: Der Blitz

LEGO DC Shazam: Magic and Monsters!

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain drain

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LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Instituto Superschurken

LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Confrontation

LEGO Justice League: Escape from Gotham City

lethal weapon

little nick

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The losers

love and basketball

the lucky guy

lucky numbers

Mad Max: Road Fury

magic mike

magnum force

Malcom X

maltese falcon

to mask

common streets


or mentalist

Michael Clayton

Mildred Pierce

to mock

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facial expressions 2

Mime 3: Sentinel

Mortal combat

Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Conquest of Mortal Kombat

The legacy of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpions Rache

mutiny on board

National Lampoon Christmas Holidays

National Lampoon's European Vacation

Lampoon's National Holiday

Necessary Evil: D.C. cartoon supervillains


Next Friday

North to Northwest

the nun

ocean 8

Outlaw Josey Wales

Paddington 2

the pelican letter

Die Philadelphia-Story

Ananas Express

The Pirates! bunch of misfits

applied sorcery

quigley down

Racer e o Jailbird

player ready one

domination of supermen

the street warrior

romeo must die

Roots: the present

Roots (miniseries)

Roots: the next generation

Rumors say that

Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

being bi (the white scarves)

Life imprisonment


the shine

sing in the rain

batman's son

the son of kong

spare parts

rob harvard

miss the last season

sudden impact

suicide squad

Suicide Squad: Paying Hell

sunset music

big fly

Super Girl

superman II

superman iii

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

superman vs elite

Superman: Brainiac Attacks

superman: apocalypse

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

Superman: Red Son

Superman: The Movie

loose superman

Superman/Batman Staatsfeinde

Superman/Batman: Apocalipse


(Video) The Best of HBO & HBO max March 2023

Teen Titans Go! To the movies

Teen Titans Go! vs teen titans

Teen Titans Judas Contract

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Thor: Tales of Asgard, 2011

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Time to kill

The Time Traveler's Wife.

the two jacks

training Day


vacation in vegas

venus and serene

V for Vendetta





What happened to Baby Jane?

When Harry Met Sally

where monsters live

The Wizard of Oz

Wonder Woman,

Wonder Woman (animation)

Wonder Woman: Blutlinien

wrong turn in tahoe

the yellow birds

Yes man

oso yogi

zoo worker


January 2, 2022

Elimination Season 1 Part A

January 4, 2022

Impractical Pranksters: Inside Jokes (Stack 4)

Staffel perforanieves 2

January 5, 2022

The Bachelor (XXV)

January 7, 2022

something blue

Killer's Wife's Bodyguard

Teenage Euthanasia Temporada 1

January 9, 2022

Season 2 premiere of Euphoria (HBO)

Righteous Gemstones Season 2 Premiere (HBO)

January 12, 2022

Joe Pera talks to you season 3

Squidward season 13

January 14, 2022


January 15, 2022

border area

January 16, 2022

Someone Somewhere Season Premiere

January 17, 2022


The Murder of Fred Hampton

January 19, 2022

Last open mic at the end of the world

January 20, 2022

Moses Storm: Trash White Max Original

At Work, Max's original miniseries

January 21, 2022

Back on the Record with Bob Costa's Season 2 Premiere

Isla Chillin Staffelfinale


the last og season 4

Real Time with Bill Maher Season 20 Premiere

January 24, 2022

The Golden Age, debut of Staffel 1

Pennyworth seasons 1 and 2

January 25, 2022

Sin embargo Sport com Bryant Gumbel

January 27, 2022

Bunker, original premiere of Max season 1

The Cut (alias The Great Look), Debut by Max Original Staffel 1

Gomorrah, Max Season 5 Original Premiere


Take Out with Lisa Ling, Estreno de Max Original Staffel 1

January 28, 2022

The Hangover Part III

January 29, 2022


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