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With the Bonnano family back in the news with new criminal charges pending, Den of Geeks looks back at a time when his family lived by more honorable rules.

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You'll probably see a Bill Cosby marathon somewhere on Father's Day. TCM could feature Gregory Peck. Homer is always somewhere. But the father of the Bonanno family was not a dead father.

It's Father's Day and I remember a story my dad's mom told me when I was a kid. His father was born in Palermo, Sicily. Later I found out that the story was called The Night of the Sicilian Vespers. In 1282, Sicily was under the French king and a sergeant was killed in Palermo by the bride's husband, whom he sexually abused, and this started the "War of the Sicilian Vespers" which drove the occupants off the island. The legendary version is mainly a variation on this: on Easter Sunday, a French soldier raped a virgin bride on her wedding day. The young woman's mother ran out into the street and called for help. She shouted "my daughter, my daughter", which some versions translate as "ma fia, ma fia", a regional dialect of mia figlia. Mobs rose in disgust, which turned into a riot and eventually a revolution as it spread across the island. Two thousand people died when these gentlemen, in my grandmother's version, slaughtered all the French soldiers on the island and on the ships off the coast. "Night of Vespers" is a central story in Gay Talese's "Honor Thy Father." It only takes up about a paragraph in the book, let alone in the movie, but informs the story's central character, Joseph Bonanno. Parents protect their children. CBS TV moviehonor your fatherhe left laterThe Godfathermithe gift is deadcon Anthony Quinn.The Godfathercentered on the Gallo Wars in the Profaci family in the late 1950s.honor your fatherit was directed by Paul Wendkos and focused on "The Banana Wars." It must be displayed every father's day. Joseph Bonanno is this year's Father of the Year.

Joseph Bonanno was an iconic father. As iconic as Mr. CentenarHappy Dayso Jim Andersonfather knows bestthe Ben Cartwright inmina de oro. Bonanno was the father of both families. He was a father to his children and to the group of men who worked for him. They had this thing and it was divided into families. Most people believe that this is why Italian union family heads were called "godfather".The Godfather. But for the people involved in this, the head of the family was a father and he was called father. Don was a title of respect, but it didn't necessarily mean someone liked them. My great-grandfather's name was Don Giuseppe and he imported olive oil. He really has it. In the early 20th century, five families dominated crime: the Bonanno, Profaci, Gambino, Lucchesi, and Genovese families. They evolved from the original parents whose families were Luciano, Profaci, Gagliano, Mangano, and Maranzano. When Maranzano was assassinated at Coney Island for insisting on being capo di tutti capi, Bonanno succeeded him and became the youngest father in the family. The Bonanno family was a bit distant from the other families. It was more about sovereignty within the Commission. At least that's how Bonanno saw it. He was a protective father and still didn't trust Junior's car.

Gay Talese talked to Joseph Bonanno for seven years about the book. Both received heat for it. Talese escaped a summons and Bonanno was called a rat. It was part of a slow erosion of Omerta that began when Joseph Valachi of the Genovese family became the first member of their cause to speak to outsiders in 1963. His mouth led to the book The Valachi Papers, which was made into a movie with Charles . Bronson. In criminal circles, valachi is synonymous with rat. He was a low-level agent who ratted out to save his ass from execution in prison. Bonanno was a father, a boss. A boss who spoke at length with a journalist was unknown, but times were changing. The sixties changed the landscape. The decade turned Joe Gallo into a rebel, breaking ranks in the family of Bonanno's good friend and breaking the color barrier in Attica. Joe Colombo, who took over the Profaci family, became an Italian civil rights activist. He founded an Italian anti-defamation league to stop the negative portrayal of Italians as gangsters. He was also a good excuse to make money from studio production.The Godfather. Columbus was assassinated at one of his own rallies at Columbus Circle.


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Honor Your Father (1973) Flashback / Flashback (2)

The book and film tell the story of the Bonanno family's rise through the eyes of their son Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno, who is also a father.honor your father, the movie, focuses on the "Banana Wars" of the 1960s and the time Joe "Bananas" Bonanno went missing. Possibly kidnapped by his cousin, possibly dead, possibly on vacation until the heat of a trial and mob feuds. He left his son Bill in charge of the family. This caused quite a stir, as most of the Kapos thought Bill was too inexperienced for the job. He only received advice from his father in a phone booth in the middle of the night for guidance. And they came only once a week, and even then intermittently. He used to dodge bullets on the streets of Brooklyn on the way to his car. Joe Bonanno in the movie will be just as likely to seepublic Enemywith James Cagney reading "Being and Nothingness" by Satre. The book Honor Thy Father, of course, explored the depth of Bonanno's reading and his love of lessons of all kinds. His favorite is Machiavelli's The Lion and the Fox. You might see him giving the same advice at a concert.The father knows best.Worse than the job of the mobsters in the film are the portrayals of cancer and a heart attack worse than Don Corleone's.

Both the book and the movie use flashbacks to punctuate the story as it progresses. They tell the story of family, and in telling it, they tell the story of fathers everywhere, especially five famous New York City fathers. Joe Bonanno came to America via Cuba and a Florida fishing boat from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily. In New York, Bonanno came under the tutelage of another Castellammarese, Salvatore Maranzano, and ended up in the middle of the Castellammarese War. Bonanno had a mix of interests. In addition to the usual loan shark, gambling, drug, sex and union kickback deals, Bonanno has also done well with his legitimate business. He was innovative. He used his interest in a funeral home to build two-story coffins to hide dead bodies under dead bodies. At forty, he was a billionaire.

Bonanno was the author of the "Pax Bonanno", a pact between families that quelled the violence of internal mobs for some years. In the late 1950s, "Pax Bonanno" began to fall apart. Mainly because of the drugs. The Luciano family, founded by Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, one of the commission's co-authors, found itself in an escalating battle between Vito Genovese and Frank Costello. Frank "the Prime Minister" Costello, who was Luciano's consigliere, retired to his penthouse at the Waldorf Astoria. When Vincent Mangano disappeared in 1951, the Lord High Executioner, Albert Anastasia, said: "Why are you looking at me? Anastasia was shaved close by when the "Barbershop Quintet", led by Profaci's staff Gallo, shot him dead in his barbershop president in October 1957. Upstate New York police officers stumbled upon Apalachin's meeting, called to clean up mob chaos, the following month. Bonanno was arrested along with dozens of family businessmen from In fact, Bonanno does not gossip about the other heads of families, but exudes a certain moral superiority.

When Joe Profaci died, Joe Magliocco (played by Joe De Santis in the movie) took over the family only for Joe, Larry, and Albert Gallo to be picked up for their due services. They were driven by Tommy Lucchese and Carlo Gambino, who also tied with Bonanno. Bonanno and Magliocco teamed up to retaliate and gave the job to Joseph Colombo. Colombo spread the beans to Gambino and Lucchese, who assumed Bonanno was behind the attempted coup. In October 1964, Bonanno was arrested outside his lawyer's apartment on East 37th St. and disappeared for two years. Reappearing at the Foley Square courthouse, he said he had been kidnapped by his cousins ​​Peter and Antonino Magaddino, who ran a faction of the Buffalo Bonanno crime family.

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honor your fatherperhaps the best thing that Joseph Bologna did. He's always been solid, usually in comedic roles. He co-wrote his first major role inlovers and other strangerswith his wife Renee Taylor. A few years later, they worked together again for the film.Made for each other. He also played alongBig Bus, it's Rio's faultstarring michael caine,my favorite year, con Peter O'Toole ygreat fathercon Adam Sandler yTransylvania 6-5000. he takes vowsSuperman: The Animated SeriesmiThe Ice Age: The Melt. Raf Vallone plays Joe "Bananas" Bonanno. Vallone has been compared to Burt Lancaster because he was a soccer player before becoming an actor. Vallone was an international star, mainly in Italian films, appearing in neorealist classics.bitter ricein 1949. Vallone played the cardinal who receives the confession of Michael Corleone, who later becomes the assassinated pope in Francis Ford Coppola.The Godfather: Part IIIin 1990. Vallone was originally the Altabani crime bosswork italianAB 1969.

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Richard S. Castellano plays the brother-in-law of Joseph Bonanno and Bonanno caporegime Frank Fabruzzo. Fabruzzo was with Bonanno when he turned himself in to the FBI at Foley Square Courthouse after 19 months in hiding. He plays a longstanding role in her battle with lung cancer. Castellano was nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Movie.lovers and other strangersin 1970. He played Willow as Peter Clemenza inThe Godfatherand can say the phrase "Put down the gun, pick up the cannolis." Castellano played Joe Girelli on the television sitcom.The incredibleand Joe Vitale injoe and the kids. Castellano also ran a construction company. My dad met him at a construction site and asked if he could put sugar in the ketchup. He said that he only did it for the movie.

Joe Bonanno's daughter-in-law, Rosalie, was played by Brenda Vaccaro, who is sympathetic but nervous until the mobsters expect her to cook. Vaccaro was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1969 film.Mitternachts-cowboywith Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. She played Kay Brubaker in the 1978 conspiracy classic.capricorn one, about a coup when landing on Mars. She played Bianca, Faye Dunaway's partner.super girl1984. Vacarro voices Johnny Bravo's mother, Bunny Bravo, in the animated serieswell done johnny. Frank LaBruzzo plays Joe Notaro. Marc Lawrence stars as Stefano "The Undertaker" Magaddino, who was the head of the Bonanno family faction in Buffalo, New York. The crowd blamed him for the attack on the Apalachin meeting.

CBS-TV cleaned up the book, which was already a clean version of Bonanno's story. In the movie, Bill gets a little too close to the police for my liking. This is Hollywood. Everybody has to sell themselves to the police in the movies somehow. So they make life imitate art, as families are a thing of the past, after a generation of dead fathers and reality shows about mob wives. Cosa Nostra and the Mafia no longer guarantee a good spot at Lenny's. The book is honorable. I always thought the Bonannos were cooperating with the book and the movie to provide an alibi.

"Honour your father", the book


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Den of Geek Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

honor your father, the movie.

Den of Geek Rating: 3 stars out of 5


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