Reddit Karma Beginner's Guide: What Is It And How Can I Get It? (2023)

What is Reddit Karma? What are the benefits of having a lot of reddit karma? How do I increase my "Link" karma on Reddit? These are all very important questions that we will answer in this blog post.

You'll also learn how to get started with your first contribution and what to expect when you start participating in the community.

What is Reddit Karma?Reddit Karma is a form of online credit awarded to Reddit users for posting content. Reddit Karma measures how much goodness a person receives from user posts.

Reddit Karma Beginner's Guide: What Is It And How Can I Get It? (1)

Karma isn't just for producing quality, informative content - it can also be earned by posting interesting or popular links! When you post something and get upvoted, you earn a karma point.

The more upvotes your post gets, the more likely it will be seen by other users and the more they'll like what they see.

Here are some of the most common questions people ask about karma on Reddit:

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How do you get Reddit Karma?

Users can earn karma by posting quality content. The more upvotes your post gets, the more likely it is to be seen and liked!

There are also ways to earn karma without posting content. One way is to comment on popular posts with insightful or interesting questions, answers and comments!

Another way to earn karma is by submitting popular links. If you also submit interesting or popular links, your karma will increase!

Users earn points for posting quality content and submitting good posts, with a special emphasis on earning votes to make their posts more visible to other users who might like what they see.

(Video) What is Reddit Karma and How to Earn It - Karma Explained

You can also earn points just for submitting good links if you submit them the right way - when you submit links, your intentions are clear up front.

Can you buy karma?

No, you cannot buy karma on Reddit. Karma is a metric used by Reddit to measure user engagement and community engagement. Earned by interacting with other users and contributing valuable content.

Karma consists of two distinct parts: meta-karma and commentary karma. When other users like your posts, you earn post karma. Comment karma is earned when other users like your comment.

Karma reflects how much you contribute to the Reddit community and can be used as a reputation indicator. However, karma does not directly affect your privileges or access to Reddit. This is just a way for users to show their appreciation for the content they contribute to Reddit. Also, Reddit doesn't offer a way to buy Karma directly.

So if you want to increase your popularity on Reddit, the only way is to regularly provide valuable and insightful comments and posts that other users like. This is the only way to earn karma legally and reliably. It may take time to build up Karma, but it will be worth it in the end.

How is Reddit Karma calculated?

Reddit uses a point system to calculate karma. A user's contribution will be upvoted, downvoted, or left unchanged based on how much other users in the community liked it at the time of the vote (comments and votes expire after a certain number).

Users earn one point for each net upvote their content receives. This means if someone upvotes or downvotes your post by clicking the -/+ buttons or leaves a comment, they are each worth a point.

How good is Reddit Karma?

The amount of karma required to reach each status level varies, but the general idea remains: if you want more power on Reddit (like the ability to post links or comments without moderation), then your account is important. For some users this can take years, for others just weeks, it all depends on what they do with their account.

In other words, karma measures how much the community values ​​your contributions. It is not something you can buy and sell individually.

How to make Reddit Karma fast?

The best way to get quick karma is to post relevant, well-written content that resonates with the community. You can also earn karma by answering questions on the site.

If you're looking for ideas or inspiration, there are a few subreddits that can make your life easier - /r/AdviceAnimals and other types of memes generally work very well as they require very little knowledge to make funny.

/r/EarthPorn and the other great landscape photography subreddits are great places to get inspiration if you want to post your own photos, or try browsing the popular posts on the related subreddit if there's something more specific you'd like to be interested in. for example:

  • Funny – r/AdviceAnimals (Image)
  • creepy – r/creepy
  • General – r/AskReddit

Reddit has tons of subreddits, so it's worth taking some time to browse the subreddits and find the ones you like before you post!

The fastest way to get Reddit Karma

There are many ways to earn Reddit Karma, but one of the fastest and easiest ways is to post a link on Reddit.

(Video) What is Reddit Karma and how to get it?

For beginners using social media in general or just their subreddits, the best methods are:

  • Go to the subreddit where you want karma.
  • Post an interesting article there (with link).
  • Wait for the karma to kick in.

Also keep in mind that you should be careful not to post anything that is too popular or it will go down, and instead post lesser known articles/videos so that your link can stand out more easily and get the view count.

The best time to post a quick karma on reddit

When it comes to marketing on Reddit, the potential for success is huge. One of the most visited websites in the world, Reddit is a major source of online gravitas for millions of people.

However, knowing the best time to post is critical to maximizing clicks and exposure.

When is the best time?In general, Reddit posts perform best when posted between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. of Monday, 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturday and 8 A.M. and 12 p.m. on Sunday (Central Time).

When deciding when to post, remember that each subreddit is its own community. So it's important to keep in mind the specific posting patterns and peak activity times of the subreddit you're posting to.

When it comes to writing headlines, use action words, keep it simple, provide useful information, focus on the benefits and consider trying different variations.

It's also important to build your reputation on subreddits that are relevant to you and become an active member of the Reddit community to take it to the next level.

How do you give someone Karma on Reddit?

The easiest way to give someone karma is to comment on their content. Someone else on Reddit (or anywhere else) can't take your accumulated points with them - so don't worry about going too far! If there are spam posts or content that doesn't deserve credit, try not to pay much attention to them.

Reddit Karma is a way to thank other users for great content. It's an aspect that drives Reddit's popularity and popularity, but it means nothing more than your personal satisfaction (although many people enjoy seeing their karma go up in general). However, you must create a Reddit account before you can award or receive points.

You can also gift them Reddit Gold, but that costs real money and isn't appreciated the same way because of its value (although the gift seems more appreciated). Note that there is no limit to when you can award points. If you want to see a post and karma it, click the up arrow above it.

Is Reddit Karma Worth It?

No, Reddit karma has no value. Reddit Karma is simply a measure of how much you contribute to the site. You can only give or receive karma between other users and it just makes your account feel good when someone gives back!

Reddit Karma has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for anything. It does not affect the user's Reddit rights in any way. Reddit karma is for web presentation only - as far as we know, no one has shared it in any way (although you can give it back to other users). Still, it's fun to think about and own!

If you give karma to others, they will see and greatly appreciate your deed (although it doesn't always mean much to them). You can do this by simply finding their post on Reddit or clicking on an external link - anywhere! The most common way to share karma is by liking posts, comments, or giving someone a "karma" comment.

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Can you get negative karma on reddit?

Yes, you can get downvoted on Reddit when people downvote your posts and comments. This is more likely if you post a lot of clickbait content or posts that are offensive in any way.

good news? You can reclaim your karma at any time! Once you start posting funny and clever stuff, the downvotes will eventually become upvotes :) There's no point in getting mad at some Reddit members - use it as an opportunity to improve and keep posting.

If you're feeling like your karma is stagnant, you can also sign up for the Random Behavior Reddit Giveaway! Every time someone sends their gift from this platform, they can help other people earn healthy karma points at the same time.

Can you make money with Reddit Karma?

Some may wonder if there is a way to make money with this karma system. The answer depends on what you want to gain and achieve from your time here. However, some possibilities are: to participate in an advertising program or to post a link with a relevant partner code.

The benefits of Reddit Karma

Joining this social network offers many benefits, including the Karma system. It just takes a little effort and patience to get there - everyone can enjoy the rewards!

Potential benefits include driving traffic to blog posts or website links, as well as providing content for consumption by others like me who visit Reddit on a daily basis.

While it's hard to say what's good for everyone, the general consensus is that this site can help you become more popular and successful on sites like Facebook or Twitter by measuring your "Karma" score against people who they visit Reddit every day - which in turn drives traffic back to those networks.

Is Reddit Karma Expiring?

No, the karma you earn on Reddit never expires. It's persistent and builds up over time as more people like your content or upvote subreddits. This behavior is rewarded by a karma rating system like /r/aww.

This is different from the temporary reputation points on most sites - if someone downvotes one of your posts, they can take away your reputation points reducing the total to zero.

An exception is if you delete a post that someone in a subreddit liked and voted on the post that didn't downvote it more than 100% of the karma limit - after about 20 minutes (unless an admin has previously deleted it). Upvotes will be deducted from your total and returned.

The best way to add karma to Reddit: Post interesting stuff, be a good (and constructive!) person in the chat or comments section, and provide quality comments if you're not submitting your own — whatever that means. Someone means nothing else!

Does Reddit Karma Make Sense?

Reddit Karma is a reputation system that allows you to judge how good your content or comments are. This is very important for bloggers who want traffic, community recognition and credibility from other influencers as it lets them know if they are doing something right.

There are no tangible benefits of getting reddit karma like: B. higher ad revenue – but it makes your content and comments more visible.

In other words, Reddit Karma represents the quality of one's contributions to various subreddits on Reddit!

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How much Karma does it take to post on Reddit?

Anyone can post on Reddit, with some restrictions.

Are you wondering, "How much karma should I post?" This depends on the subreddit you are posting to. Each subreddit has a set of rules you must follow in order to post on it.

It may require at least, for example:

  • 100 community popularity points before publishing.
  • Or be active in another related but separate community.

Moderators will determine how much experience is required and enforce these requirements from time to time.

Karma points are not an end in themselves - they are used to rate posts and make them more visible on the site!

How long does it take for Reddit Karma updates?

It usually takes a day for your Karma Score to be updated. Since Karma only updates once a day, if something happens to your account during that time (eg if you post something to another subreddit), it might not show up until after the update.

The number at the top of Reddit's home page is the all-time total score. For example, if you have 100 karma points and post a link to a comment on another subreddit that gets 20 upvotes from that community during the day - then during the night (unless otherwise) you have tomorrow morning to to update the numbers 120 points.

Who has the highest Reddit Karma?

While karma is constantly changing, u/GallowB currently has the highest total karma at 36,710,863. u/TooShiftyForYou has the highest comment karma with 23,424,710.

What is average karma on reddit?

The average karma for a Reddit account is 980 points. This means that there are as many accounts with negative karma (-980) or higher as there are accounts with positive scores (1080+) in the Reddit community and subreddits.

Of course, this number is constantly changing.

Where to post low karma memes on reddit

The best place on Reddit to post low karma memes is r/dankmemes. r/dankmemes is a subreddit for memes that are considered too awesome for the general community on Reddit.

There are many other subreddits of a similar nature, but r/danksmemes is one to start with.

To make it short

I see a lot of people on Reddit expressing their confusion about Karma Points and how they are earned. I hope I answered all your questions!

Earn informative or entertaining karma points for sharing interesting, thought-provoking or entertaining content. The more upvotes a post gets, the higher it ranks on the site's pages and the more karma you get.

(Video) How to Get Karma on Reddit! (Fast)

You've no doubt seen posts titled “This made me laugh so hard!”. or "You'll never guess what happens next!"

While these posts may not be as informative as this one, they still deserve credit for being humorous and entertaining in some form.

Finally, Karma cannot be bought on Reddit and must be earned by contributing to the community. By participating regularly and contributing valuable content, you show that you are an active member of the community and earn more karma over time.


How to get enough karma Reddit? ›

Post Karma - Posting an external link or creating a post and then receiving upvotes will grant you "post" karma. Comment Karma - Posting a comment on an existing post and receiving upvotes will result in "comment" karma. Award Giving Karma - Giving awards to posts and comments will increase your "award giving" karma.

How to get 25 karma on Reddit? ›

Posting and commenting

When your posts or comments get upvoted, you gain some karma—so making posts and comments that communities find valuable is the best way to gain karma. The more upvotes you get, the more karma you'll receive.

How to get 250 comment karma on Reddit? ›

You get Reddit post karma when people upvote anything that you post; you lose it when you get downvoted. How do you get comment karma on Reddit? It's the same principle—you get comment karma when Reddit users upvote your comments, and you lose karma when they downvote your comments. It's that simple.

How do I increase my karma score? ›

10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness
  1. Offer a compliment.
  2. Make a good recommendation. A friend and co-worker of mine had this happened once. ...
  3. Just start working. ...
  4. Find someone a job. ...
  5. Offer thanks. ...
  6. Give away something valuable. ...
  7. Teach someone to do something. ...
  8. Listen.
Mar 11, 2015

Why is it so hard to get karma? ›

Comment on New and Rising Posts

One of the biggest obstacles to getting karma is visibility. You could have the best comment or post, but if it gets buried under other content, no one will even see it. That's why, if you're karma hunting, it's best to stick with posts that are brand new or rising.

How much reddit karma is considered a lot? ›

Many sources consider a good karma to be around 15,000. We would recommend you to aim for around 50,000 to make sure to stand out from the crowd a bit. For very active users, it might be 100,000+. However, the more karma points you can get, the better.

What is the average karma per user on Reddit? ›

What Is Average Reddit Karma? The average karma score on Reddit is around 980. It's impossible to identify the exact number because karma scores constantly change, and new members register. If you're a new user, 980 can seem like a lot.

What are the largest subreddits? ›

That's really no surprise, but some of the other most talked-up shows for 2022 made the list, including Better Call Saul and Stranger Things.
  • r/kuwtk.
  • r/bettercallsaul.
  • r/rupaulsdragrace.
  • r/houseofthedragon.
  • r/strangerthings.
  • r/thebachelor.
  • r/dundermifflin.
  • r/bravorealhousewives.
Dec 8, 2022

What happens when you reach 1,000 karma on Reddit? ›

Nope. You just keep getting karma the same way you always got karma.

How to get noticed on Reddit? ›

Keep It Relevant

If you want to get large amounts of traffic from reddit, you have to keep your posts highly relevant to the users. This means that the more that you can tailor your posts to the subreddit that you're posting in, the better. Avoid posting content that addresses too broad of an audience.

Who has the most comment karma on Reddit? ›

#1 Apostolate. The king. Apostolate claims to be a law student in New York. A redditor since January 2012, he has 1,374,900 comment karma.

How much karma is an upvote worth? ›

Users receive one point for each net positive vote their content receives – meaning if someone upvotes, downvotes or leaves a comment on your post by clicking the -/+ buttons they are worth one point each.

How can I fix my bad karma? ›

  1. Sep 19, 2022. 7 ways to clean your bad karma. ...
  2. Bad karma. ...
  3. Identification. ...
  4. Cut off from toxic people. ...
  5. Learn from the mistakes. ...
  6. Do what nourishes your spirit. ...
  7. Defying vulnerabilities. ...
  8. Change the old ways.
Sep 19, 2022

What is the first law of karma? ›

1. The great law or the law of cause and effect. When most people talk about karma, they're likely referring to the great law of cause and effect, Patel says. According to this law, whatever thoughts or energy you put out, you get back — good or bad.

How do I check my karma level? ›

You can see your current Karma points and level by selecting the Karma tab from the Productivity view on any platform.

How do I know if my karma is bad? ›

Good karma is a result of good deeds done for others, while bad karma results from intentional harm caused to others. If your actions cause lasting pain and suffering, they are regarded as negative, unvirtuous, or destructive. If your actions cause happiness, they are considered constructive, positive, and virtuous.

Which karma is hardest? ›

Mohaniya karma (deluding karma) is considered the most dangerous out of all the eight karmas since `moha' (attachment) is believed to be the root cause of all Kasayas (passions). It is also most difficult karma to destroy.

What are the five causes of karma? ›

They are caused by:
  • harbouring a feeling of jealousy towards knowledge or perception, towards a possessor of it and towards a means of it.
  • Wilful concealment of knowledge or perception.
  • Ungenerosity as to knowledge.
  • Obstruction of knowledge or perception to others.
  • Denial of receipt of knowledge.

What is the average Reddit user? ›

The average age of Reddit users is approximately 22-34 years old, with a majority being between 18 and 29 years old. What is the gender breakdown of Reddit users? According to recent statistics, approximately 71% of Reddit users are male and 29% are female.

What is the most Upvoted post on Reddit? ›

Leading posts on Reddit worldwide in 2021, by number of upvotes (in 1,000s)
Post descriptionNumber of upvotes in 1,000s
r/place: Full screenshot of r/place 2022434.3
** r/interestingasfuck: In 1996 Ukraine handed over nuclear weapons to Russia "in exchange for a guarantee never to be threatened or invaded"403.5
3 more rows
Jan 19, 2023

Does Reddit karma expire? ›

Karma doesn't expire. It's permanent. You only earn karma on link submissions, not on self-posts. Karma doesn't accumulate at a 1:1 rate.

Does Reddit pay you for karma? ›

No. Reddit Karma is a type of voting system introduced by Reddit to enable users to upvote posts and comments that are relevant and useful and downvote those who are not. While having higher Reddit Karma isn't really going to benefit you, it can help make your Reddit posts appear higher quality and more reliable.

What does 1 karma mean in Reddit? ›

Your comments and posts are automatically upvoted by you to start with 1 karma each. You can un-upvote or even downvote to take it down to 0 or -1 if you want.

Can you make money on Reddit? ›

Yes, you can earn real money from Reddit. You will not be paid directly from Reddit. However, you will find opportunities to earn money through subreddits, which are niche forums within Reddit.

What is the male to female ratio on Reddit? ›

Reddit gender demographics

62% of Reddit users are male, while the remaining 38% are female.

What are some secret subreddits? ›

  • 1) r/tipofmytongue.
  • 2) r/WritingPrompts.
  • 3) r/dataisbeautiful.
  • 4) r/educationalgifs.
  • 5) r/OutOfTheLoop.
  • 6) r/whatisthisthing.
  • 7) r/AskHistorians.
  • 8) r/budgetfood.
Sep 2, 2019

What kind of people use Reddit? ›

Reddit is the most popular among users aged 18 to 29. Over one in three US adults in this age range uses Reddit. There are currently more than 2.8 million subreddits. Reddit boasts more than 130,000 active communities.

How much karma is average on reddit? ›

What Is Average Reddit Karma? The average karma score on Reddit is around 980. It's impossible to identify the exact number because karma scores constantly change, and new members register. If you're a new user, 980 can seem like a lot.

How much karma is needed to post on Reddit? ›

100 karma points in the community before posting; or being active within another related but separate community(s).

What is 1000 karma on reddit? ›

A feeling of accomplishment that you made 1000 posts or 999 people happy.

How long does it take to get Reddit karma? ›

It takes up to a day or so for post scores to affect your karma. And you won't get a 1:1 increase in your karma. Your karma will go up, but not by the full score on your post.

Who has the highest karma score on Reddit? ›

#1 Apostolate. The king. Apostolate claims to be a law student in New York. A redditor since January 2012, he has 1,374,900 comment karma.

What is the point of Reddit karma? ›

Reddit Karma is a type of voting system introduced by Reddit to enable users to upvote posts and comments that are relevant and useful and downvote those who are not. While having higher Reddit Karma isn't really going to benefit you, it can help make your Reddit posts appear higher quality and more reliable.

What is cake day on Reddit? ›

Cake Day on Reddit is the anniversary of the day when a user first joined Reddit. Posts and replies on Reddit that are made on a user's Cake Day will have a small cake icon next to them. Cake Day is not to be confused with a user's birthday, except, of course, you opened your Reddit account on your birthday.

What is karma farming? ›

The practice of spamming reposts and random content to get karma is called “karma farming” and is generally frowned upon on Reddit. In some subreddits, you might be banned for posting too often within the same time period. The best way to get karma is by posting organically.

Can I sell my Reddit karma? ›

This helps us sort answers on the page. Yes, you can buy/sell reddit karma.

How much is a Reddit account with 10k karma worth? ›

Accounts that only have a couple thousand karma usually sell for $40 to $50. But if you've accumulated 10,000 to 50,000 karma, your account could fetch $100 to $150. Accounts with 50,000 to 100,000+ karma are even more valuable and could earn you $200 or more. The age of your Reddit profile is also a factor.

Does karma affect post visibility? ›

A Redditor's individual karma doesn't really make their profile more visible. A post on Reddit that has a lot of upvotes makes that post move higher up in the feed/front page. The upvotes translate into Karma for the profile. Some of the subreddits require a minimum amount of Karma to join or post.

How long does it take for karma to show up? ›

It usually takes about four to six weeks for lenders to report new information (like new balances or payment activity) to TransUnion, and the frequency of updates can vary by lender. So it can take up to seven weeks for any changes or new information to show on Credit Karma.

How long does it take for karma to load? ›

Funds transferred into your Credit Karma Money accounts are not available for immediate withdrawal. The process typically takes 2-3 days.


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