The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (2023)

Wingstop chicken wings come in countless flavors. As such, it can be a little confusing deciding which one to pick for Friday night.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (1)

You might be wondering, what is the best low-spice option? Would your Original Hot Sauce be spicier than Mango Habanero? What is an atomic taste?

We are here to provide some answers to all these questions and put an end to your confusion. To ensure you only get the flavor that best suits your taste buds, we've ranked the 11 best Wingstop flavors.


1. Louisiana-Rub

This is the tenth flavor that Wingstop has introduced. He gets a ten out of ten for sure if he scores.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (2)

Wingstop's Louisiana Rub is for those who like their wings crispy instead of drenched in sauce. It's a dry wing with a strong garlic flavor and a delicious blend of spices, including paprika and a touch of pepper. Add some smoothies made from oregano and cayenne pepper, that's what the Louisiana Rub tastes like.

In fact, all these spices combined inevitably bring out the delicious Cajun flavor native to the southern state of Louisiana. Probably hence the name. Try it, you must. Preferably with a generous blue cheese sauce.

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2. Lemon pepper

This dry sauce is one of Wingstop's most popular and well-respected flavors. It's low heat, truly one of the lowest spice levels in the spectrum of sauces that Wingstop offers.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (3)

However, it has a strong combination of sour and spicy flavors. The citrus flavor of lemon is strong. The perfect balance is the very hot and spicy taste of black pepper.

The two flavors work their magic and pair beautifully with the breaded chicken and oil for a tantalizing taste like no other. Try Wingstop's Lemon Pepper Wings with a generous ranch kick and you might forget about all the other flavors.

3. cajun

The color of the sauce alone should say this is not for those with sensitive tongues who are sensitive to spices. This sauce is spicy. Too hot. In fact, Wingstop gives it a four out of five on the heat scale. You will enjoy this one to the fullest if your tolerance for spicy food is high.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (4)

The dark red color of the sauce comes from the combination of Wingstop's Original Hot Sauce and Louisiana Rub flavors. Creative preparation gives the covered chicken a fiery red color.

The best way to lighten it up a bit is with the ranch crispy Cajun wings. The heat continues even for a few minutes after finishing the test. Plus a cold drink.

4. Korean Spicy Q

We reject some sauces because they are too sweet and others because they are too spicy. But this Wingstop flavor leaves no room for complaints. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (5)

Spice comes from Sriracha sauce and ground red pepper. It sure is hot. But not overwhelming. After one bite of the spicy Korean glazed wings, you won't want to gulp down a pitcher of water.

This is because the spiciness of the sauce is offset by the sweetness that the honey brings. The flavors have been expertly blended to ensure the sweetness isn't overpowering.

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Adding to the sweet and spicy play are the ginger and garlic flavors that permeate every bite.

5. Mango-Habanero

"Intense" is the word that comes to mind when describing this sauce. This flavor, like Wingstop's Spicy Korean Q, has that delicious sweet and spicy flavor. But with this sauce, Wingstop has gone one step further.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (6)

The heat emanating from the habanero pepper can make you sweat. There is also the spicy cayenne pepper seasoning. But what makes this sauce almost exciting is the intense sweetness of the mango.

The tropical fruit should dampen the spice. But the result is a dramatic mouthfeel.

6. Hawaiian

This is Wingstop's cutest creation. Chicken tenders soaked in a bright red Hawaiian sauce are quite an enticing sight. One would imagine they would explode a hot spice bomb in your mouth. But take a bite and you're in for a surprisingly sweet surprise.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (7)

The dangerous looking tender chicken is actually sweet and spicy. There is no lack of spice, but citrus aromas dominate. This creates an almost playful tropical scent. Almost a fruity sweetness.

This is one of those flavors that you can either love or hate. But no matter what we can guarantee, you won't forget your first bite.

7. Caliente-Original

This is your classic buffalo sauce. Don't hesitate to raise your expectations before trying this one, because it looks at everything you're likely to want in your ideal hot sauce.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (8)

It has that familiar sour vinegar flavor that complements the fat and salt in the chicken. As the name suggests, it is also a hot sauce.

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The spice is definitely higher than some other sauces on the Wingstop menu like Hawaiian or Lemon Pepper. However, the spice content isn't overwhelming and definitely manageable, although the deep neon red color might leave you a little hesitant to try it without a glass of water nearby.

This is the first Wingstop sauce introduced and remains one of the most popular.

8. Garlic Parmesan

No, we are not talking about pasta seasoning. Garlic Parmesan is a dry seasoning that Wingstop offers as a flavoring for its chicken and tender wings. It's not a common flavor for a drumstick, but once you get to grips with it, trust me, it's love at first sight.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (9)

It is very light in terms of heat. All you get is a strong, pure garlic flavor in every bite. This, along with the addictive flavor of Parmesan flakes, makes Garlic Parmesan Wings one of the best comfort foods on the market.

Garlic Parmesan Rubbed Chicken is crispy and crusty on the outside, while the inside is soft and moist.

This flavor is one of those options that you can choose without hesitation if you don't know which one to choose. After all, what could go wrong with garlic and cheese?

9. Atomic

If you thought Wingstop's original hot sauce was hot, wait until you try Atomic. It is the spiciest of the entire range of sauces that Wingstop has to offer.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (10)

On a scale of one to five, with one being the least attractive and five being the most attractive, that's a five! We weren't kidding. Atomic Sauce is for those who are the biggest fans of tear-inducing peppers.

However, the sauce also has a lot of spices. So it really is a cruel joke as you want more but you can't because of the heat.

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We recommend starting with just one flavor. See where it takes you.

10. Szechuan-Orange

Orange Szechuan is the new flavor for a limited time at Wingstop restaurants.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (11)

Szechuan orange sauce debuted in China in the 1980s as a sauce for chicken wings. It has since become one of the nation's most popular sauces for chicken wings.

Wingstop's latest flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy with a hint of mandarin orange. It tastes similar to orange chicken from a Chinese restaurant.

The sauce is made by blending a proprietary blend of tart sweetness and citrus with hints of spice, according to the company.

11. Grill with hickory smoke

If you're a general barbecue sauce fan, you know that the smokier the sauce, the better. Wingstop's Hickory Smoked BBQ, one of Wingstop's most popular flavors, has a distinctly strong smoky flavor.

The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (12)

In fact, order a plate of chicken breast fillets topped with the sauce and you'll think they've just come off the grill. It's amazing how they managed to get that smoky flavor into the sauce without sacrificing the other flavors you'd expect to find in a barbecue sauce. Yes, the Wingstop Barbecue Sauce is sweet and tangy with just enough spice to balance the flavors.

This would easily be the popular choice in any room due to its bold flavor that never gets overpowering.

12. Licht

It tastes like the sweeter cousin of the original Wingstop Hot Sauce. But when they call it "smooth", they mean business. The spice level in this one is very low compared to the original hot sauce.

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The 12 Best Wingstop Flavors (2022) by Popular Vote – Just4Foodies (13)

Are you one of those people who is a mile away from chili peppers? If so, rejoice, because the taste is designed for this.

However, apart from the spice content, the taste is quite similar to hot sauce. The mild sauce has the characteristic vinegar smell of their hot sauce. In addition, it also has a slight sweetness.

Wings soaked in this sauce are so easy to consume that before you know it, you may have eaten enough to regret it. you have been warned


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