The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats. (2023)

10:45 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats.

By John Miller of CNN

The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats. (1)

Secret Service members will meet with New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers, prosecutors' investigators and court officials on Friday to discuss the logistics of the story.Charges Against Former President Donald Trumpwhich according to law enforcement officials is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4.

These officials will take a step-by-step look at Trump's movements, starting with his motorcade, followed by the arrest process, including how he gets his fingerprints and a photo, and then how he is brought to justice on his charges, under the same law. . execution sources.

Additionally, law enforcement sources say authorities are monitoring social media and evaluating threats posted against law enforcement, Manhattan District Attorney Bragg and his team. They also oversee plans for protests and mayhem.

10:14 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has once again criticized efforts by the Republican Party to investigate the Trump investigation.

By CNN's Annie Grayer and Sara Murray

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has again criticized House Republicans for their efforts to intervene in its investigation into former President Donald Trump, accusing them of colluding with Trump to denigrate "the integrity of elected prosecutors and judges" in the first instance. and denigrate.

District Attorney Leslie B. Dubeckwrote a letterAddressed to three House Republican committee chairs on Friday, citing harsh rhetoric from Trump.District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“As chair of the committee, you could use the size of your office to denounce these attacks and demand respect for the fairness of our justice system and the work of the impartial grand jury,” he wrote in the letter to representatives. Jim Jordan, Bryan Steep and James Comer.

“Instead, you and many of your colleagues have chosen to cooperate with Mr. Trump's efforts to smear and denigrate the integrity of elected prosecutors and trial judges, and have made unsubstantiated allegations that investigations into the office were conducted by an independent grand jury. Citizens, serving New York State is politically motivated," Dubeck continued.

Dubeck's letter called on House Republicans to withdraw their request for information and accused them of launching their politically motivated investigation to defend Trump. the presidentsstarted an investigationat the Manhattan district attorney shortly after Trump warned that he would be arrested soon.

Dubeck claimed the committees had no jurisdiction to oversee prosecutors and discredited any valid legislative purpose for their investigations, Dubeck was quoted as saying.CNN coverageclaiming that it "appears to be behaving more like a criminal defense attorney trying to gather evidence for a client than a legislature trying to achieve a legitimate legislative goal."

In response to inquiries from the Republican Party about the use of federal funds for the investigation, Dubeck disclosed that approximately $5,000 was spent between October 2019 and August 2021 "in expenses related to the investigation of Donald J. Trump or the Trump Organization." , adding the money came from "federal foreclosure funds that the office helped raise," with most of the costs having to do with Supreme Court litigation. The letter said that no federal grants were used for expenses related to the Trump investigation.

Dubeck also added details about the three federal grant programs the Office participates in in connection with his cases, noting that "no costs incurred in connection with this matter have been paid out of funds received by the Office through grant programs." federal grants."

Dubeck wrote that if the presidents were not willing to call off the investigation, the prosecution was still willing to meet.

"If you do not withdraw your request, we reiterate our willingness to meet with you or your team and discuss how we can comply with your request without violating our duties as prosecutors to protect the integrity of an ongoing criminal proceeding," the letter says. . .
(Video) Former secret service official talks security for Trump ahead of arraignment
8:28 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

Biden does not want to comment on Trump's impeachment

By Arlette Saenz of CNN

President Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to comment on the impeachment of former President Donald Trump as he left the White House this morning.

Remember:There wasno Biden statementafter the accusation was made known. No comment has come from the White House and there are few signs public attitudes are changing any time soon, though officials acknowledge they will closely monitor any security issues that may arise.

"He's the president, not a legal analyst," said a Democrat who is in regular contact with the White House. He has an administration to manage.

Biden's initial silence after Trump's impeachment trial is not surprising. While West Wing officials were just as shocked by the news as the rest of the country, there were no efforts to prepare anything for publication.

Instead, Biden faces a convergence of two clear, if unofficial, principles that animated his first two years in office: Do not interfereongoing legal casesand don't get distracted by issues that don't have a tangible impact on Americans.

The approach is designed, at least in part, to keep the government focused on its priorities and agenda. Butunmistakably clear contrast that emergeswith Biden's predecessor is neither subtle nor unintentional as a political message.

read more here.

8:54 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

Here are some facts about Trump's "Soros" attack on the Manhattan district attorney

By CNN's Daniel Dale

Following the historic Manhattan grand jury decision to indict Donald Trump, including the former president and several other prominent RepublicansFlorida Governor Ron DeSantismiFormer Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, quoted liberal billionaire George Soros in his attacks on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. trump cardclaimsin a statement that Bragg was "selected and financed by George Soros."

Soros, a longtime supporter of democracy campaigns, various liberal causes and prosecutors who favor criminal justice reform, was a frequent guest.Target of an anti-Semitic conspiracyTheories portraying the Jewish philanthropist as the puppeteer behind various American and international events.

here are the facts:

Donate to a PAC that supported Bragg

The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats. (2)

Bragg – Graduate of Harvard Law School, former US Attorney and former New York State Assistant Attorney General –gainthe Manhattan district attorney race in 2021, and his campaign was supported by the Political Action Committee, which is affiliated with Color of Change, a nonprofit advocacy group co-founded in 2005 by Van Jones, who later became became a commentator for CNN, and advocates for criminal justice reform along with other racial justice causes. The Color Change cap you havesupportsprogressive district attorneyCandidatesAcross the country, just over $500,000 was spent in support of Bragg, Color of Change president and PAC spokesman Rashad Robinson told CNN last week.

The Color of Change PAC has received significant funding from Soros, who has championed criminal justice reform and progressive prosecutorial candidates for years. Soros was the largest PAC donor in 2021-2022, PolitiFactreported.

(Video) Watch: Secret Service run to Trump as protester rushes stage

Soros spokesman Michael Vachon told CNN last week: "Between 2016 and 2022, George Soros personally and the Democracy PAC (a PAC to which Mr. Soros contributed money) together contributed approximately $4 million to Color. of PAC Change, including $1 million in May. . 2021. None of these funds went to the Alvin Bragg campaign. George Soros and Alvin Bragg never met in person or spoke on the phone, email, zoom, etc.

In addition to these donations to the PAC, CNBCreportedthat another Soros organization, the Open Society Policy Center, has pledged to donate $7 million to Color of Change, a leading nonprofit organization in 2021. Open Society spokesman Thomas Watson told CNN in an email last week that the funding was a five-year grant and part of a public funding announcement announced.Investment of 220 million US dollarsin racial justice efforts centered on black-led organizations; Watson said the donation was "to support the social welfare activities of (Color of Change) and not for any specific work. The grant contract stipulates, among other things, that OSPC funds may not be used for political activities." or partisans.

Just like PolitiFact didobservedSoros' son Jonathan Soros and Jonathan's wife Jennifer Allan Soros each donated $10,000 to Bragg's campaign during the April 2021 Democratic primary. Earlier in the year, they made smaller donations totaling $450.

Color of Change president calls attacks 'anti-Semitic' and 'anti-black'

Robinson said that attacks suggesting that Bragg is a Soros puppet, due to George Soros's donations to the Color of Change PAC, are not only "anti-Semitic" but also "anti-black".

He said the attack was based on the idea that "black people are so incapable of coming up with their own ideas about how to fight for justice" that the black-led PAC could not have come up with strategies of their own.

The value of "$1 million" is exaggerated

trump cardclaimsLast week, Soros spent more than $1 million on the Bragg campaign, but that figure is inaccurate.

Made the Color Change CAPannouncein May 2021, the month Soros donated $1 million to the PAC, which planned to spend more than $1 million on an independent spending campaign in support of Bragg's candidacy. But the PAC halted the spending on Bragg's behalf after hearing an unsubstantiated claim against Bragg that he couldn't fully investigate them at the time due to legal restrictions on PACs' communication with candidates, Robinson said. He ended up spending about half of what he had planned, Robinson said, keeping the rest of Soros's donation for other causes.

"Soros didn't give us money for Alvin Bragg. Soros donated Color of Change," Robinson said.

7:18 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

Trump was initially asked to surrender in New York today, his lawyer says

By Paula Reid of CNN

Former President Donald Trump was originally asked to turn himself in to authorities in New York today, a day after a Manhattan grand jury voted to impeach him, his defense attorney Joe Tacopina said.

Tacopina says he is surprised by the timing of the indictment and that more time is needed because the former president's Secret Service has to coordinate his delivery in New York.

6:51 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

How the Potential 2024 Republican Field Is Reacting to Trump's Impeachment

CNN's Gregory's War

The potential 2024 Republican primary field quickly rallied around a strategy for action on Thursday.Charges Against Former President Donald Trump: Attacks Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on the prosecutor, but stops praising Trump.

(Video) What role would Secret Service play in possible Trump arrest? Ex-agent explains

If the news of the former presidentfaced more than 30 complaintsUnprecedented in the context of corporate fraud, the reaction of his would-be Republican rivals was widely known. Rather than risk backlash from voters loyal to Trump, ambitious Republicans focused on a liberal foe. It's a tactic that strengthens the former president's grip on the Republican Party, even under impeachment.

The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats. (3)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, widely considered Trump's most formidable potential Republican opponent, did not mention the former president in his response, instead addressing the "Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney," a liberal-minded billionaire who he is often in the George Soros. focuses on conservative conspiracy theories.

“Designing the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law upside down. It's un-American," DeSantis tweeted. “The Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney has consistently twisted the law to demean crimes and justify criminal misconduct. Now, however, he is forcing the law to attack a political opponent."

DeSantis also reiterated that he would not cooperate "with an extradition request" from Florida resident Trump. Trump is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday in New York, where he has lived most of his life.

The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats. (4)

Former Vice President Mike Pence, one of Trump's staunchest supporters for years before he mildly criticized the US Capitol after the January 6, 2021 riots, called his former boss's accusation "an outrage" and hinted that Bragg was politically motivated.

Under pressure from CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who noted that a grand jury had voted to indict Trump, Pence doubled down on his position.

"But if you have an attorney general in New York, a district attorney in Manhattan who has targeted a certain American in his campaigns, then I think it offends the idea that the overwhelming majority of the American people believe in justice that... believes in equal treatment under the law," he told Blitzer in an interview Thursday night.

Bragg already had a degree of notoriety among Republicans, who were seeking to link their progressive positions on criminal justice, in a city often described as beset by violent crime, to national Democrats like President Joe Biden. Before the impeachment and soon after, even the most critical Republicans denounced the Bragg investigation as a political coup or an abuse of power.

See more informationHere.

8:37 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

A summary of the secret payment system that led to the impeachment of Donald Trump

CNN Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig explainssilent money payment systemand how it relates to the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump.

To participate:

8:41 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

Analysis: Rupert Murdoch's media machine offers full defense of Trump after grand jury indictment

Analysis by CNN's Oliver Darcy

The Secret Service will meet with New York officials on Friday to discuss Trump's charges and security threats. (5)
(Video) New York City ramps up security ahead of Trump arraignment

the unpublished newsThe impeachment of former President Donald Trump has sent shockwaves through the media landscape, with networks like CNN quickly switching to breaking news mode and devoting hours of shows to comprehensive coverage of the big event.

But on Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, which had treated the former president with indifference since the January 6 attack, the network went fast.turned into a pose reminiscent of years past: Defend Trump at all costs and portray the legal system as a corrupt state power in American society.

"Third World Tactics".

"Police state".

"Political persecution and electoral interference".

That's just a small sample of the extreme rhetoric that aired on Fox News on Thursday night, where Murdoch's cadre of right-wing anchors and commentators painted an ugly portrait of America in which prosecutors supposedly controlled by George Soros they unfairly attack conservatives. Away for the sole purpose of crushing opponents of the Democratic Party.

This happened despite the fact that Murdoch and Trump's relationship has been in shambles of late.

Trump earlier this month criticized Murdoch as a "MAGA hating globalist RINO" and accused him of "supporting and inciting the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA." And newly revealed messages Murdoch sent after the 2020 election showed the right-wing media mogul believed Trump was a threat to the country.

And yet, on Thursday night, Murdoch allowed inflammatory pro-Trump rhetoric to take over his network.

Watching Fox News was like going back in time. It was reminiscent of the days when hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson attacked the Robert Mueller impeachment investigation and trial in Russia.

If there was any question that Fox News Today could not offer a full defense of Trump given the disgraced Republican's rocky relationship with Murdoch, it was removed.

And Fox News isn't the only source in the Murdoch empire rushing to Trump's aid. The Wall Street Journal editorial board, known for echoing Murdoch's personal views, published an article calling Trump's impeachment "a sad day for the country." The editorial implied that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg carried out the action for political reasons.

The New York Post also sided with Trump. A story claiming that Bragg has "a bad case of bias" appeared prominently on the outlet's website, along with other pro-Trump articles.

I sent Murdoch a text Thursday night asking him how to reconcile his behind-the-scenes rhetoric, brought to light by the Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News case, with the narrative his news outlets were promoting. I didn't get an answer.

But perhaps the news stories in the Dominion case, showing that network leaders feared their audience would switch channels due to Trump's scrutiny, can give us a good clue. You almost certainly care about your bottom line.

As Murdoch said, "Everything is at stake here."

8:38 am m. ET, March 31, 2023

Impeachment of Trump is an "internal" US matter, says the Kremlin

oCharges against the former president of the United StatesDonald Trump is an "internal" US matter and not one Russia will comment on, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a regular call with reporters on Friday.

"I don't think that's a topic for any of our comments. These are internal US processes that we don't need to comment on at all," Peskov said.

(Video) Lingering Questions About Secret Service On Jan. 6 Bring Trump Official Back To Committee


Does the Secret Service protect ex presidents and family? ›

All living former presidents and their spouses after Dwight D. Eisenhower are now entitled to receive lifetime Secret Service protection. Their children are entitled to protection "until they become 16 years of age".

Does the Secret Service go with a former president if he goes to jail? ›

Barring an act of Congress, the responsibility of the Secret Service to protect a former president or first lady would not disappear because that person had been convicted of a crime.

What does it mean to indict a president? ›

Essentially, if a president became indicted, this position holds that the entire Executive would be compromised from fulfilling its obligations given the unique powers of the president.

How many Secret Service agents have died protecting the president? ›

He was also the first of only two Secret Service agents who have ever been killed in the line of duty while protecting an American president, the other being Leslie Coffelt.

Does Secret Service guard the president? ›

The Secret Service is authorized by 18 U.S.C. § 3056(a) to protect: The president, vice president (or the next individual in the order of succession, should the vice presidency be vacant), president-elect and vice president-elect. The immediate families of the above individuals.

Can a former president refuse Secret Service protection? ›

In 1965, Congress authorized the Secret Service (Public Law 89-186) to protect a former president and his/her spouse during their lifetime, unless they decline protection.

Can the Secret Service detain you? ›

1252, 91st Cong., 2d Sess. 14 (1970). This statute authorizes Secret Service agents to arrest persons who engage in activities which could nullify or reduce the effectiveness of security precautions taken by the Secret Service, without requiring proof that such interference was forcible or aggressive.

How long does the Secret Service last with a former president? ›

The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reverses a previous law that limited Secret Service protection for former presidents and their families to 10 years if they served after 1997. Former President George W. Bush and future former presidents will receive Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives.

What three crimes can a president be impeached for? ›

Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Can an impeached president be convicted? ›

[but] no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present" (Article I, section 3).

What happens if you threaten a former president? ›

Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons. (4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056(a)(6); shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

Why do Secret Service wear sunglasses? ›

Secret Service agents sometimes wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes, so they can increase their ability to see what people in the crowd are doing.

Can you have tattoos in the Secret Service? ›

The Secret Service prohibits special agents from having visible body markings (including but not limited to tattoos, body art, and branding) on the head, face, neck, hand, and fingers (any area below the wrist bone). A tattoo of a wedding band is permitted.

Who was the youngest Secret Service agent ever? ›

Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.
Rufus Wayne Youngblood, Jr.
Rufus Youngblood
Alma materGeorgia Institute of Technology
OccupationUnited States Secret Service agent
4 more rows

Who does the Secret Service protect besides the president? ›

Visiting foreign heads of state or government and their spouses traveling with them in the U.S., and other “distinguished foreign visitors” to the U.S. Major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses within 120 days of a presidential election. Individuals protected by executive order.

What is the highest rank in the Secret Service? ›

Special Agent in Charge: The highest ranking criminal investigator in each region is the Special Agent in Charge (SAC or SAIC). The SAC is the equivalent to the Chief of Police and runs all the sub-offices in his area.

Why do Secret Service agents wear earpieces? ›

Each agent has an earpiece that allows him or her to hear other Secret Service personnel and to receive directions from a special command center. Much like an air traffic controller who is helping pilots land airplanes, agents at the command center are able to alert agents to information they need.

Who oversees the Secret Service? ›

The director reports to the secretary of homeland security, and operates with the general directions thereof. Prior to March 1, 2003, the Secret Service was a part of the United States Department of the Treasury.

How much is U.S. president salary? ›

The president's salary currently sits at $400,000 annually. This amount was set by Congress in 2001, with the passage of a provision in the treasury appropriations bill. Prior to that, the President's salary had been locked in at $200,000 for 30 years.

How many times can you run for president if you lose? ›

The Twenty-second Amendment (Amendment XXII) to the United States Constitution limits the number of times a person is eligible for election to the office of President of the United States to two, and sets additional eligibility conditions for presidents who succeed to the unexpired terms of their predecessors.

Do Secret Service carry guns? ›

The Sig P229 is an aluminum-frame pistol and is also one of the larger “compact” models available. The Secret Service models are chambered in . 357 Sig and have a standard magazine capacity of 12 rounds. They weigh 32.4 ounces, which is still very reasonable in weight.

What disqualifies you from the Secret Service? ›

The ultimate disqualifier for a position with the secret service (in terms of drugs, not skills or experience) is if an applicant used or purchased MDMA, cocaine, other hard drugs while holding a security clearance.

Do Secret Service agents wear body cameras? ›

All Secret Service personnel who are authorized to carry a firearm are required to wear and activate a BWC during a pre-planned attempt to serve an arrest warrant or other pre-planned arrest, or during the execution of a search or seizure warrant or order.

Do former presidents fly commercial? ›

The only former president who is the exception to the private jet trend is former President Jimmy Carter — and his wife, Roslyn — who traveled on a commercial Delta flight from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. for former President Trump's inauguration.

Is Secret Service a former military? ›

20.5% of Secret Service employees are veterans from all services and a variety of military occupational specialties - from entry level positions to the director of the agency. Your service to the nation proves you have the character we seek in all applicants and the technical and leadership experience to excel.

What do you call a former president? ›

Formally Addressing the Former President

When addressing a former President of the United States in a formal setting, the correct form is “Mr. LastName.” (“President LastName” or “Mr. President” are terms reserved for the current head of state.) This is true for other ex-officials, as well.

Who Cannot be impeached? ›

Edmond v. United States, 520 U.S. 651, 663 (1997). Assuming this line of cases serves as a guide in deciding who is a civil officer subject to impeachment, it appears that employees, as non-officers, are not subject to impeachment, while principal officers, such as the head of a cabinet-level Executive department, are.

Who are the only president to be impeached? ›

Outside of the 15 federal judges impeached by the House, three Presidents [Andrew Johnson in 1868, William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton in 1998, and Donald J. Trump in 2019 and 2021], a cabinet secretary (William Belknap in 1876), and a U.S. Senator (William Blount of Tennessee in 1797) have also been impeached.

Who is the only president to be impeached and convicted? ›

Impeachment Trial of President Andrew Johnson, 1868
Mar 27, 1867Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act.
Feb 22, 1868The House Committee on Reconstruction reported resolution of impeachment against Johnson.
Feb 24, 1868House voted 126 to 47 to impeach Johnson of high crimes and misdemeanors.
14 more rows

Can a former president be prosecuted? ›

The Constitution permits a former President to be indicted and tried for the same offenses for which he was impeached by the House of Representatives and acquitted by the Senate.

Can a president fire a vice president? ›

And it's not a cabinet-level office where the president has appointed the vice president. I mean, the President selects the vice president as a running mate,” explained Pybas. “But constitutionally, the vice president's term is for four years now. And the way to remove them is through impeachment.”

Has any president been impeached and convicted by the Senate? ›

Three United States presidents have been impeached, although none were convicted: Andrew Johnson was in 1868, Bill Clinton was in 1998, and Donald Trump twice, in 2019 and 2021.

Is assassinating a President a federal crime? ›

In addition, to advocate the overthrow of the Government by the assassination of its officers is a Federal offense. (18 U.S.C. 2385.) But a direct attack upon the President, or even his murder, has never been as such a crime under Federal law.

What is the U.S. Code 879? ›

18 U.S. Code § 879 - Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons.

Who takes over if something happens to the president? ›

The vice president of the United States presides over the U.S. Senate and takes over the role of president of the United States if the president is unable to perform his or her duties.

How long does Secret Service stay with ex presidents family? ›

The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reverses a previous law that limited Secret Service protection for former presidents and their families to 10 years if they served after 1997. Former President George W. Bush and future former presidents will receive Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives.

Does the Secret Service protect families? ›

The Secret Service is unique among federal law enforcement agencies because not only do its agents provide protection for the president and vice president of the United States and their families, former presidents, presidential candidates and visiting heads of state and heads of government to the United States, but ...

How much of the president's family does the Secret Service protect? ›

What Does the Law Say? According to federal law, the Secret Service is authorized to protect the sitting U.S. president and vice president (or the next-in-line for the presidency), their immediate families, and all former U.S. presidents and their spouses, as well as their children under age 16.

What can ex presidents not do? ›

As much as they may want to, former presidents aren't permitted to drive themselves around. “A rule created after John F. Kennedy was assassinated is that ex-presidents no longer can drive on open streets or roads—only private property,” William S.

What do Secret Service agents wear? ›

Special agents, the ones you usually see with the President, do not wear uniforms. This helps the agents blend in with crowds so that they are not easily detectable. Those who are in the Uniformed Division wear uniforms because their jobs require them to be recognized as police officers.

Can females be in the Secret Service? ›

Women working as special agents, Uniformed Division officers, and Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) personnel at the Secret Service fulfill our agency's public safety and security mission with integrity and strength. Secret Service prioritizes recruiting women candidates. We're hiring!

Do Secret Service agents wear bulletproof vests? ›

They do have body armor, but it's a separate item they wear under their clothes. A fully armored suit would be impractical. Armor is pretty heavy and stiff, it restricts movement. An agent needs to be able to move fast if there is a situation that needs handling.

How much does the president Secret Service get paid? ›

Average United States Secret Service Special Agent yearly pay in the United States is approximately $116,632, which is 26% above the national average.

Does the Secret Service carry the presidents blood? ›

When traveling, the president is never more than 10 minutes from a trauma center and agents carry bags of the president's blood in case a transfusion is needed.

Do ex presidents get paid? ›

(a) Each former President shall be entitled for the remainder of his life to receive from the United States a monetary allowance at a rate per annum, payable monthly by the Secretary of the Treasury, which is equal to the annual rate of basic pay, as in effect from time to time, of the head of an executive department, ...

What are 3 things the president Cannot do? ›

  • make laws.
  • declare war.
  • decide how federal money will be spent.
  • interpret laws.
  • choose Cabinet members or Supreme Court Justices without Senate approval.

What can get a president removed from office? ›

Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Who was the richest president of the United States? ›

The richest president in history is purported to be Donald Trump. His net worth, however, is not precisely known because the Trump Organization is privately held. Truman was among the poorest U.S. presidents, with a net worth considerably less than $1 million.


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